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Advertising Rates


Longhorn Sale Pen has engineered our system to be extremely flexible for you. Pick the credit package you need and use them as you like.

For example: 10 credits can be used on:
10 standard longhorn ads, or
5 premium longhorn ads, or
5 standard longhorn ads and 1 Ranch Spotlight ad, or 4 standard and 3 premium longhorn ads… and so on!

You can mix and match bulls, cows, heifers, etc. They are your credits and you can use them how you please! The cost per ad is only dependent on the package you buy and how you use them. Buy as many or as few as you need. Longhorn Sale Pen will keep track of your credits for you!!! They are good for one year from their purchase date.

Standard Longhorn Listing: 1 Credit
Premium Longhorn Listing: 2 Credits
Ranch Spotlight Ad: 5 Credits

Credit Pricing
Number of Credits Price  
1 Credit $49.00
2 Credits $98.00
3 Credits $135.00
5 Credits $175.00
10 Credits $300.00
20 Credits $500.00 * Best Value *

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