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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Longhorn Sale Pen?
We are an online showcase for top Registered Texas Longhorn ranches and cattle from all over the country to advertise their animals for sale…many breeders featuring Champion Horn Showcase programs. Our goal is to provide a very easy, useful tool to help buyers buy and sellers sell that puts you in the driver's seat. List your cattle when it's convenient for you and make your own changes that display immediately. All sales are Private Treaty! No extra fees, commissions or percentages due to us when your animal sells! You set your price and you keep your money!

Why should I advertise with
Most potential breeders are now doing their research online. If you aren't online, they won't find you! At, your ad will cost just $49.00 or less, (with multi-credit packages), and can run as long as 1 year! With our low prices, high search engine rankings, long run time, and worldwide audience, you are bound to reach more buyers. offers the following features to help you get results:

  • Very easy to navigate website that will keep buyers on longer, reading more about your cattle.
  • Animals searchable by location, age, price, horn measurements, and much more.
  • Post up to 5 photos (Premium Ad) showing ancestors and/or offspring.
  • Seller controls personal content displays.
  • Make unlimited changes to your ads anytime it's convenient for you, day or night.
  • Give added exposure to your sale consignments.
  • Give added exposure to your buyers with a Thank You.
  • A link to your website and your other listings.
  • Print a flyer of your listed animal to post, pass out, or mail to prospective buyers.
  • Auto email system for up to 20 emails on each ad.
  • Auto emails to registered buyers, showing new longhorns that meet their criteria.
  • Ranch Spotlight ads regionally placed to drive traffic to you. (This features additional cost).
  • Unlimited text description of your ad.
  • Ad Visitor counter.

How do I advertise my longhorns on
Just follow the few simple steps and you are done!
  • Complete the info on "Become a Member" page.
  • Verify your Email.
  • Sign in.
  • Purchase the "Ad Credit Package" that's right for you.
  • Click on "List Your Longhorn" and select the ad type.
  • Complete the animal info fields, upload your photos, and submit your ad.
  • Your ad will post immediately!!

What does it cost to advertise on
Get the most out of each of your advertising dollars.
  • Our ads cost $49.00 each (or much less if you purchase a multi-credit package) and run for 1 year.
  • Multi-credit ad packages are available for price per ad discounts. Visit our Advertising Rates page to select the pricing that best meets your needs.
  • We also offer regional Ranch Spotlight Ads that will rotate thru the searches and show in the region you select.
  • We accept most major credit cards, money orders and personal checks.

How do I make changes to one of my longhorn listings?
Very easy to do.
  • Login
  • Click on Account Manager
  • Click on Advertising Dashboard
  • Current Longhorns in the dropdown box in the blue bar
  • Choose the animal you want to edit
  • Click on the pencil
  • Make changes
  • Save changes

How do I make changes to my Ranch Spotlight?
Very easy to do.
  • Login
  • Click on Account Manager
  • Click on Advertising Dashboard
  • Current Ranch Spotlight in the dropdown box in the blue bar
  • Choose your Ranch Spotlight Ad
  • Click on the pencil
  • Make changes
  • Save changes

How do I pay for my listing?
Login to your Account Manager and click on the "Purchase Credits" icon. After purchasing credits, click on List Your Longhorn and select the ad type you want to create. Your account will automatically be deducted the appropriate number of credits.

What if I forget my login ID or password?
Your login ID is your email address. If you do not remember which email address you used, you can contact us, by using the contact form and we will look it up for you. If your email address has changed since you registered with us, contact us and we can change it for you. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forget your Password?" link. You will receive an email very shortly with your password. The email will be sent to the email address that you initially registered with.

I've consigned my longhorn to a consignment sale. Can I also advertise it here?
Absolutely! The more exposure you can give your animal, the better chance you have of numerous prospective buyers bidding on it.

Is there a limit on the size of photo I can submit?
There is no limit on photo size. Our website will automatically resize your photo to fit.

What formats are allowed for photos?
Your photos must be in either .jpg or .gif format to load properly to your ad.

How can I change my photos?
If you have uploaded your allowed number of photos, you must first delete a photo to add another. Login to your Account Manager, Advertising Dashboard, select the animal whose photo you want to add, and then the Edit Listing Icon.

The ends of my longhorn's horns are cut off in the picture. How can I keep it from happening again?
When you crop your photos, don't crop them too closely as our photo software will crop the photo to a standard 4 x 3 image that could result in taking off the edges of the photo. Just delete the old photo and use a new one that's not cropped quite so closely.

How do I take a good picture of my animal?
Much like hunting, you want to get a "heart shot" of the animal. Imagine a line coming straight out from your camera and hitting the animal in the side, right behind the front elbow. The head should be turned towards you to show off the horns and the back leg closest to you should be back showing off the udder or testicles. If you can keep other items out of the shot, like pens, barns, feed bunks, other cattle, etc., that would be ideal. Try not to shoot into the sun, or you'll just get a silhouette and won't be able to see the great details of your longhorn. It's true, a picture is worth a thousand words, so practice taking pictures and use the best ones you can get.

How will I be contacted if someone is interested in my longhorn?
In the Contact section of your ad, there will be a link to an email contact form, so you can be directly contacted by potential buyers. Anytime your email address is displayed on a website, it is likely to be retrieved by companies that send out spam/junk emails. By using our "hidden email" technology, you can still be directly notified, without your email address being "exposed". Whether or not your phone number is displayed is entirely up to you. It is not a required field.

I'm having trouble logging in? What am I doing wrong?
Probably nothing. Our site utilizes cookies to identify your favorites choices. You must have cookies enabled on your computer or the security feature will not allow our site to display.

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